Tuesday, June 21st, 2011


All New Brend Tactical Folders In Manual & Auto, Custom & Production Along With Our New Neck/Boot Knives

Ti Marauder & Neck Knives Are In Production Now!!

 ** Please Email  Us With Any Questions**

As With Our Fixed Blades Our Goal Is To Build And Provide A Field Service Folder In Auto & Manual Constructed With The Finest Components Available, Yet Affordable To The Average Person.

Our Production Knives Will Retail From $160 - $600 Depending On Options

Our Knives Are Made “In House” By Brend Knives Company

No Hype Or Sales Gimmick Needed

Brend Knives Speak For Themselves. Our Knives Have Been & Are Currently Used By Military/Police & Rescue Personnel All Over The World.
Brend Knives Are Some Of the Most Sought After Knives By Collectors & Users
Many Have Copied our Blade Designs But They Can’t Duplicate Brend’s Grind!

Our Production Knives Will Not Be Mass Produced. Our Goal Is To Build 200-250 Knives A Month. All Of Our “Production” Knives Will Be Hand Ground With Various Blade Finishes; Satin, Stone Washed, Bead Blast And DLC (Diamond Like Coating) Coated.

Every Production Knife Will Be Built As If it Was A Brend Custom Knife!!

Time Allowing, We Will Also Be Offering Brend “Custom” Knives Using Speciality Materials Like Damascus, Abalone, Black Lip Pearl & Other Exotic Materials. Blades Will Be Hand Ground, High Polished With Satin Flats Along With Other Old School Blade Finish Options.

Production Has Begun On Our Titanium Frame Lock Marauder And Our New Boot Knives. We Are Anticipating To Have Knives In Dealer’s Hands Within 2 Months.

A Few Minor Tweaks And Improvements Were Made To Our New Brend M2 Auto Folder. We Are Currently Building A Few Prototypes For Testing. A Few Will Be Available For Sales. Production Will Follow Shortly. Stay Tuned. 

Please Check Our Temporary Web Site For Current Updates & New Pics

Walter Brend & Staff

New Brend Folders & Neck/Boot Knives

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Maruader, Titanium Frame Lock

Production Models Anticipated In 2-3 Months

M2 Neck/Boot Knives

Production Models Anticipated in 2 Months

M2 & Project X Neck/Boot Knives

Production Models Anticipated in 2 Months


Production Models Anticipated In 3 Months


Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

This year’s Blade Show is going to be very exciting for Brend Knives. For the 2011 Blade Show we will be displaying, selling & taking orders for 4 all new Brend models. We will have 2 all new Brend folders, one auto, one manual and 2 all new Brend Boot/Neck Knives.

These are not collaboration knives, these are all new Walter Brend Design Models and all built by Walter Brend Knife Company. 

Collectors come early, we will have a few 2011 Blade Show Brend Prototypes for sale. Stop by, say hello, and see all of our new  models as well as our Custom Fixed Blades.   

Our table numbers are 3C & 4C

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Blade Show!

Walter Brend 

Below is a sneak preview of one of our new folders

Brend Manual Frame Lock Folder

Brend Manual Frame Lock Folder