Walter Brends Most Popular Knife Design “Model Two”

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

 The Model Two has always been Walter’s most popular knife. When customers make that final decision what knife they would like to order, nine times out of 10 it is the Model Two. The above photo is an early vintage Brend Model Two. In 1981 when Walter started making knives, the Model Two was one of the first designs out of his shop. The design  came from his early years of hunting in the swamps of Florida, to 15 years of cutting meat. Walter new what he wanted in a custom knife, and that is reflected in his knives. Several knife  companies had  collaborations with Walter.  It was always the model two design, they tried to replicate, even in a pocket knife. When you see this blade and handle style you know it is a Brend Design. Brend designs,(Model 2, Model 5, Tanto, and Tommy Hawk) has influence many other makers and companies.

 You can read about the new Rescue Project at (Brend’s New Breed) by Pat Covert